GOOD DESIGN of PSU website

What is good design?
Good design
makes a product useful. A product is bought to be used. It has to satisfy certain criteria, not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic. Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it.

Now, join me to identify the 5 good designs and 5 needs an improvement of PSU using there website

5 good design of PSU website

Home page of PSU website

Color is one of the important to consider in creating website, because a right of mixture of color on your website will attract the reader to view it and not to skip it. The Parsu website has a lot of white space and it also called a negative space, because white space can also be any color. Based on Pratik Hedge on his published blog, the importance of color is to improved comprehension; focus and attention; Increased interaction rate; Guide the user through logical grouping; Branding and Design Tone; and Creates a breathing space for users. The Parsu website got this idea so it was a good design, it will help the reader not only to enhance their interface but also their experience on the website.

2. Grid Based Lay-out
Grid helps to align elements on the page and keep it clean. The grid based layout arranges content into a clean rigid grid structure with columns, sections that line up and feel balanced and impose order and results in an aesthetically pleasing website. As the Parsu website use the grid, it help them to structure their design and keep their content organized. Based on my experience on the Parsu website, there grid was simple that the user experience will boost.

Screen record of load time on Parsu website

3. Load Time
It is important to check your website if it is fast to load. Based on, the user will leave in 3 seconds if the website will load that longer. As far as I visit the Parsu website, it is fast to load. That I am sure, because they know that some of their students is in a low internet connection that they decided to create a website that can load faster even in a low internet connection, that can a student access to it.

4. Simplicity
Simplicity is need to be consider as one of the good design of a website because for me, as a user it will attract me most and my experience. As I visit the Parsu website, I figure it out that their website is simple but not boring. It use negative space, easily to read, the image was good, the title, the color of the text. It is simple to look but it function will. Take a look the picture below:


The Parsu website header is simple that you can just easy to click and choose what you wanted to go. The best here is, it has the “Back to top” button. That you can easily back to the top in just one click.

5. Can open to Mobile Phone
No laptop? No nearer computer shop? you are far from the city? Don’t worry, this Parsu website was created to be a mobile friendly. You can access to this website without laptop, and even you are far from the city, but! consider that, you need an internet connection to your mobile phone to open this website. It was a good idea and one of a good design of other website that can open in a mobile phone. Because a lot of a user is a mobile phone owner and can’t afford to buy a laptop or commute to go in the city just to use computer in computer shop.

This is the 5 good design that for me is a good design from the Parsu website.Meanwhile, while I am scrolling and exploring the website. I notice that for me it needs an improvement.

5 good design that needs improvement

  1. Home
Homepage of Parsu website

To attract the user, the website must be easy but useful. Take a look the picture above. As I observed, the Parsu website hasn’t search bar. Search bar is used by other websites to allow them to navigate or to locate the terms he/she wanted. It really satisfy the user to his/her experience, that is why, I recommend the search bar that the Parsu website maybe try it also.

2. Update
The Parsu website has a simple website that made it simple, but as we observed in other website the Parsu website are being left behind. Let me give an a website that are updated. Take a look the CBSUA (Central Bicol State University of Agriculture) website below:

CBSUA website and an updated homapage

As you can see, it has an feature “log into messenger” that is a good idea to easily reach out to them in case there are information they wanted to ask. There are also an latest news that is very useful to the student to notify on what happening to their school. That for me, maybe the Parsu can adopt it. Especially now, that their number of their enrollees are increasing.

3. Comment Section
Comment section is a good way to connect also to your visitor or user. It will give them a chance to feedback about your website or to your content.

4. Color of the body

Body of Parsu website

This is a good design, but for me it need an improvement. The color was very low that maybe the user can absorb the boring vibe, so, I recommend to change the negative space to a dark color to give them a highlight.

5. Back to top
It is better to use an arrow that sign an up and when the cursor hover the arrow sign, it will show the quote “back to top”. It just more look so simple but very useful. Below is the “back to top” of Parsu website.

Back to top (Parsu website)
Back to top (other university website)

This 5 design I choose that needs an improvement doesn’t means there are not good design. There are all a good design, but for me(on my side) it needs an improvement.
How about you? how about your idea? what can you say about the Parsu website? I am happy to read your feedback.

To fulfill our acticity on our HC1 subject, our Instructor give this activity to learn more about the website. If you are a professional or maybe you know how to create a website, and you read my article and you find it wrong and misinformation, I am sincerely asking for your apologize. I will accept your comments and tips.